Thursday, December 14, 2006

Goodbye for Now

On Tuesday I turned 27. I am officially in my late twenties, fast approaching my thirties. There was a local story about a woman biking, running, and exercising her way into her forties. She started running a day before she was to turn 40 and by midnight, she entered her 40s with an exhaustive bang. I think I will fuck my way into my thirties, with a hopeful orgasm exactly at midnight. But that's three years away, so I can plan accordingly.

Anyway, I know it's been a long time since I've updated the blog, and there is a reason: no time. Life has been busy. Work is more hectic than ever, and I am often working late into the evening and bringing the rest home and then working on that. Dinner tonight was canned fruit cocktail in a gross heavy syrup and a can of Diet 7-UP. I was grateful for the time to eat even that.

At three am, I got up and decided to say goodbye to the readers of The Zaftig Chronicles. I'm not deleting the blog because I may return to it; maybe when things are less chaotic and busy for me. I may not. But I have poured my soul out, bared my vulnerabilities, and given you a glimpse into my twisted mind. Thank you for caring. As a woman now in her late twenties, it's only fair that I provide closure for things I have embarked upon and have not dedicated my all to. I don't want to leave the blog hanging like a proverbial chad, so let me just say this is the last post.

Again, thanks to everyone who came to read every day, even when no updates appeared. Thanks for the emails and support. It's been a great experience.

Love has not found me yet, but he knows where I live. Ring me up.


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